Friday, October 31, 2008

Morning Prayer (for mothers)

My Jesus, I offer this day to you- all my prayers, works, joys, and sufferings- and, through you, I make this offering to our Father in heaven. Be with me through this whole day in all its particulars, and assist me that it may become a worthy offering in every way.
Be close to me in all I think and say and do. Direct your Spirit to speak to me and guide me-and help me to listen attentively when he does that, in my response, your thoughts may become more surely my thoughts, and your ways may become my ways; so that my judgements may accord with your judgements, and that the sentiments of my heart may be most like your very own; so that my conversation with others may be conversation I may ask you to share with us, and that my works may be works I may ask you to approve.
Help me to have the practical wisdom to look to your Mother from time to time, as I go about the duties of my day, in an effort to find the grace of a better way in my motherhood; for she is the perfect example of all virtues and she is your loving gift to us as a perfect model for all motherhood.May I know the continued grace to work with you in all I do, and not merely for that my day may become a perfect offering-lived with you and in you and through you- to be presented to the Father in joy and love.
~from the Mothers Manual by A. Francis Coomes, SJ

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